Bike pumps are not something you normally think about much – until you need one. The fact is that every biker should have two pumps – a floor model to properly inflate your tires before each trip and a frame mount for emergencies on the road/trail. Bike pumps give you peace of mind and make an active outdoor lifestyle easier on yourself.

A bike pump should be durable, functional and meet your individual needs. Selecting the right one can be a challenge. Outdoor Junkie has researched and reviewed dozens of the bike pumps on the market for durability, functionality and overall quality. Here are our top choices in random order.

Vibrelli High Performance

Vibrelli High-Performance Bike Pump has a large, accurate, easy to read gauge dial. This pump maxes out at 160 PSI, helping keep close tabs on your tire pressure.

Thanks to the efficient T-valve, you can change from Presta to Schrader with a simple switch. Strong seals ensure no leaks. This floor model pump comes with sports ball needles and a glueless emergency puncture kit with your purchase. Also included is a 15-year warranty.

EyezOff GP96

The EyezOff GP96 bike pump has a size and portability that masks its power. Aerodynamically designed to be small (length 215mm) and lightweight (120g), stash this pump in your bag and take it anywhere and everywhere you go.

The soft-touch T-handle grip will give you a better grip and keep your hand from blistering during the toughest jobs. This mini aluminum made pump comes with reversible Presta and Schrader valve attachment, mounting bracket, bolts, and a velcro fastening strap.

Schwinn 5-in-1 Bike Pump

The multi-use Schwinn 5-in-1 bike pump is a multi-use floor pump you can utilize for many different applications from bike tires to air mattresses to soccer balls. Adapters have a holster that keeps them secure and in place.

Boasts an easy to use locking pump head, extra-large easy to read pump gauge and a sturdy and wide base for stability when being used.

Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump

Pro Bike Bike Pump with Gauge is durable, compact and lightweight. Made of machined aluminum alloy, this pump quickly inflates up to a pressure of 120 PSI. Compact and lightweight, this pump is only 8 ¾ inches long and weighs only 4 ½ ounces.
The flexible hose will work for even the most awkward and/or tight valve placements. No adapters are required when you easily switch between Presta & Schrader valves. A mounting kit is included with your purchase.

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