Bicycle lights are essential for your safety whether you’re into cycling as a great form of exercise or an environmentally-friendly means of transportation. No matter your reasons, cycling can be dangerous – whether on a busy city street, a lonely country road, or a rugged mountain trail.

Our listed bicycle lights are selected to make you more visible to others on the road and to help you navigate, anticipate and avoid obstacles in your path that might pose a danger to your safety or the safety of others.

Blitzu Gator 320 Bicycle Lights

Blitzu Gator 320 bicycle lights feature convenient 360-degree swiveling heads and quick release buttons for removal. This ultra-bright LED bike light will instantly improve your visibility & safety. The USB rechargeable battery will save you money – fully charging in two hours and with a run-time of 2+ hours on the highest setting,

Plus, Blitzu Gator 320 bicycle lights are water-resistant and (for a limited time) come with a free tail light. Rotate it to shine literally any direction you want.

The Blitzu Gator 320 is practical, reliable and durable. It can be used as a flashlight when running, jogging, hiking, camping, power outages, changing a tire – or just about any nighttime activity or emergency.

Cygolite Metro 700 USB Bicycle Lights

The Cygolite Metro 700 USB Bicycle Lights will keep you safe in both daytime and nighttime situations – and every condition in between. Its six brightness settings include a steady pulse mode, daytime setting mode, and side illumination ports that will add to your visibility and alert others of your presence. The USB port and included USB charging cable make recharging a breeze.

Cygolite Metro 700 USB Bicycle Lights are lightweight (140 grams or approximately 5 ozs.), easy to attach, clamp locks tightly and securely and fit most handlebars.

Bright Eyes 1200 Bicycle Lights

The Bright Eyes 1200 bicycle lights are designed is built to give you a consistently reliable performance whether you’re commuting or biking on a rugged mountain trail.

The new 6400mAh battery outshines the competition approximately with illumination that for up to 5+ hours on high, up to 10+ hours on medium and up to a whopping 26+ hours on low.

Bright Eyes 1200 Bicycle Lights are not just for commuting. The design and rugged construction also make it a great fit for your other outdoor adventures like mountain biking. And its included helmet accessories (such as a head harness) make this light the perfect choice for campers, hikers, and runners.

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