Sleeping bags need to provide you with the perfect balance between warmth, weight, comfort, and functionality. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options out there. We’ve created this guide to share our opinions on some of the best on the market. Here is our list of the best sleeping bags for warmth, comfort, safety, durability, and functionality.

Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15°F & 30°F Lightweight Sleeping Bags


The Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15°F & 30°F Lightweight Sleeping Bag is a near-perfect backpacking bag. The down filling puffs up enough to keep you warm yet packing down to an easy to handle and transport size.

Weighing only 3 lb 7 oz (5 ounces more with the compression bag), the 500 fill power puffs up to keep you warm yet the packs down to a very easy to handle 9 x 11 inches (or less). And you’ll love the tough compression sack.

The Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15°F & 30°F Lightweight Sleeping Bag is perfect for backpacking. The 500 fill power puffs up to keep you warm and then packs down to an easy to handle 9 x 11 inches. And you’ll love the tough compression sack.

Depending on the model, this bag is rated down to 15 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Double drawstrings tighten the bag around your face and shoulders for additional warmth! It also utilizes 500 fill power down that packs down small and puffs up to keep you warm!

The sleeping bag comes with super durable zippers, zipper guards and hanging hooks. The inside pocket allows convenient storing your cell phone, wallet, keys, and other personal items.

Need a little more warmth? You can increase the warmth of your Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15°F & 30°F Lightweight Sleeping Bag by up to 25% by making it a double! Simply buy a BLUE (right-hand zipper model) and a RED (left-hand zipper model)and zip them together to make it a double sleeping bag!

The Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15°F & 30°F Lightweight Sleeping Bag may be the ultimate backpacking sleeping bag! It’s durable and lightweight (3.45 pounds) – perfect backpacking.

FARLAND Sleeping Bags With Compression Sacks

FARLAND Sleeping Bags With Compression Sacks are lightweight, portable, and waterproof — making them the perfect all-weather sleeping bags for all your outdoor activities.

These sleeping bags are designed specifically for cool/cold weather. They are made for temperatures ranging from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius or 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the double-filled technology design keeps the bags waterproof and weather-resistant so that you stay warm and dry design even in extreme conditions.

Farland sleeping bags are available in Mummy and Rectangular/Envelope shapes. The Mummy shaped bag measures 33 by 83 inches (W x D). The Rectangle/Envelope shaped bag measures 33 by 75 inches (W x D). Roll Control Design makes folding quick and easy regardless of the version you choose. Either of the two designs allow you to zip two bags together for double the room.

Express your own individuality when you choose any of the ten varied color options available. Each layer of these all-weather sleeping bags is constructed of different materials. Each layer enhances and compliments the other two layers.

You can buy the FARLAND Sleeping Bags with confidence. It will keep you warm in winter and comfortable in the summer. Its lightweight, compact design, and its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions make this one of the best available sleeping bag options.

TETON Sports Altos Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bags

Outdoor Junkies debating the pros and cons of a down versus or synthetic sleeping bag the TETON Sports Altos Ultralight Sleeping Bag (down-filled, mummy design) could end the debate.

Therefore, this durable, lightweight, down, mummy sleeping bag offers the best of both worlds — the unrivaled warmth and weight of down that will dry out quickly if it gets wet – perfect all-weather sleeping bags.

Your hips and shoulders will appreciate the TETON Sports Altos Ultralight all-weather sleeping bags weigh only 3.45 pounds. With that weight, you’ll be able to backpack anywhere.

Available in 3 colors (red, blue and black) and 3-degree ratings (0, -10, and +20 Fahrenheit ratings). All degree ratings come with Teton Sports’ Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Water-resistant down filling made of specially formulated down — engineered to repel water and maintain loft even if the sleeping bag gets wet. If dampness does occur, the down recovers quickly to keep you stay warm and cozy.

The 3-piece, ultra-puff, no gap hood adjusts around your face to keep the heat in and cold out (including from your head). An anti-snag zipper with a full-length zipper and shoulder draft tube eliminates any drafts and cold spots. The vaulted foot box will keep your feet dry and warm.

The bag’s brushed nylon liner is cozy and won’t allow down to poke through. Its high-quality construction consists of a tough ripstop shell that will handle every rugged condition you’d expect to encounter.

The bag expands to a very roomy 84 x 32 inches (at widest point) — large enough for the biggest camper. Despite being so roomy inside, the compressed size is approximately 15” long and  9“ diameter — easily fitting onto your backpack.

Yet while compacting so small, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the TETON Sports Altos Ultralight Sleeping Bag lofts and the comfort it provides.

The easy to use anti-snag double zipper and can be operated from the bottom or top without catching. The top to bottom zipper draft tube eliminates cold spots.

TETON Sports Altos Ultralight all-weather sleeping bags are an excellent choice that comes highly recommended by its users. It’s a backpacker’s dream and will exceed the expectations of anyone looking for an extra warm, light and compact bag.

Teton Sports LEEF Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Extra warmth, a vaulted foot box and more spacious than usual legroom (34 inches at its widest point) make the Teton Sports LEEF Ultralight Sleeping Bag a great option for Outdoor Junkies.

Employing a unique body-mapping technology, the mummy design ( with added insulation) focuses where you’re most vulnerable to the cold temperatures – your feet.

No need to worry about keeping the rest of yourself comfortable. A 3-piece hood that contours your face and an anti-snag full-length zipper eliminate drafts and cold spots, helping to retain your body heat (including from your head) and keeping you warm and toasty.

Because with a survival rating of zero degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll never get cold with the Teton Sports LEEF Ultralight Sleeping Bag unless you’re camping in the most extreme low temperatures. At 30 degrees you may even need to open the zipper slightly!

The Teton Sports LEEF Ultralight all-weather sleeping bags weigh in at only 4.2 pounds. Just strap it onto your backpack and take it anywhere and everywhere.

The diamond ripstop shell is water-resistant and won’t tear even if you snag or puncture it. And interior pockets on both sides of the sleeping bag safely hold personal items such as phones, wallets, and keys. The microfiber insulation is surprisingly soft and will provide you with more loft and comprehensibility.

For bigger campers, size is not a concern. In addition to the previously mentioned spacious legroom, this mummy-style bag provides more shoulder room than most other bags — 87 inches at its widest point. Even campers who stand over 6’ will be impressed with the bag’s roominess. Even so, this sleeping bag will fold up nicely into its 8″ diameter by 10″ long compression sack and attach onto your backpack.

The TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Sleeping Bag comes with a very high recommendation. It’s warm, lightweight and it compresses nicely to fit into your backpack. Considering weight, price, and warmth, it’s one of the best overall options on the market.

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